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2020 Review – Our Lego Ideas Predictions


With the 2020 review results somewhat around the corner, I thought I should write a predictions post.

There were 26 product ideas that reached 10,000 supporters, ranging from cars, to Ancient Rome, to rockets.

Being that Lego usually picks 2-3 product ideas for production, I am going to rank each idea, from most likely to be on shelves, to least, then list the top 3, which are my picks.

#26 – Untitled Goose Game

The Untitled Goose Game model is based on an ultra-popular game, called the Untitled Goose Game, where players basically need to be as annoying as possible, playing as a goose.

Honestly, I just can’t see this being a set. I understand that it achieved support, but it had less than 100 in a week, before numerous gaming websites, and an ultra-popular Youtuber, featured this model.

The model itself is nicely built, but like I said before, I can’t see it being on shelves. I believe Lego fans would rather have something that fits the crowd more, like some of the other ideas.

Chance of production: 2%

#25 – Snow-groomer PRINOTH LEITWOLF

Just saying, I think this model is awesome, and I would definitely buy it, but it doesn’t seem like something you’d see in a Lego store. Being that Lego already has a Technic line of machines like above, it seems there is a very low possibility of this making it to shelves.

Chance of production: 7%

#24 – Spongebob Squarepants – The Krusty Krab

Like the #25 model, I love this design. I can’t see Lego bringing back an old IP for a product idea, it just doesn’t make sense, being that Lego already made a set on this a couple years back. I might be wrong though, so stay tuned.

Chance of production: 12%

#23 – Blue Origin New Glenn Rocket, Launch Tower & Blue Moon Lander – 1/110 Scale Set

For those who don’t know, New Glenn is a rocket produced by aerospace company Blue Origin, owned by multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos. The rocket is meant to be the “space transport” for tourists, along with the New Shepard rocket (not made out of Lego above).

Being the fact that the rocket is still in early testing, it doesn’t make much sense to approve a model like this, being that at any moment, the project (New Glenn) could be cancelled. But, there still is a possibility in this.

Chance of production: 12.5%

#22 – Futurama Planet Express Headquarter, Spaceship and the Crew

Although this model looks amazing, I don’t think think it will be approved, being that a Futurama idea was turned down last review. I think this has a slight more chance, because it is not just a ship, it is a whole headquarters.

Chance of production: 16%

#21 – Indiana Jones Trilogy

Like I said for the SpongeBob model, this is an IP Lego has produced before, then discontinued, so it doesn’t make much sense to approve it. The reason I think this might be seen on shelves is because Lego did not make a set like this, whereas Lego did make a Krusty Krab.

Chance of production: 22%

#20 – The Iron Giant – 20th Anniversary Edition

I definitely could see this model on shelves, but the model has been submitted, voted for, achieved support, and turned down before. But being that this is the 20th anniversary, I think it does have a chance, so Iron Giant fans, stay tuned!

Chance of production: 24%

#19 – Queen – The Miracle Express

Although this model is amazing, and I can see this idea on shelves, I don’t think it will be approved, solely because another queen model has been turned down.

Chance of production: 28%

#18 – Historically Accurate Rome

This is an amazing model, and it looks like it took days to complete. With hopefully a Coliseum coming in October, it seems like Lego wouldn’t approve it.

Chance of production: 31%

#17 – The Legend of Zelda BotW: Hyrule Castle

Even though Lego (finally) agreed to a license agreement with Nintendo, BotW doesn’t seem like something Lego would produce, then again, it might be something Lego would produce. The model is amazingly designed, and it would be an amazing shelf piece.

Chance of production: 33%

#16 – The Great Fishing Boat

I absolutely love the design, shape, and detail of this idea, and I think it would make a great set. Why this is ranked ranked #16 on my predictions list, is because Lego Ideas already has the Fishing Store, but not only that, because this seems like a set Lego would produce without Lego Ideas, and they probably have put something like this on shelves before.

Chance of production: 39%

#15 – The Train Station: Studgate

This model looks so thought out, like every Bricky_Brick model out there :). From the yellow bus, to the woman pushing the man in the wheelchair, the detail is amazing. I ranked this #15 because like some others above, I can’t see it becoming a set, but it just might…

Chance of production: 42%

#14 – SpaceX Falcon 9 (Saturn V Scale)

As much of a SpaceX fan I am, and as much I think I would love this for this my shelf, I don’t think this is getting the big green check. If the payload was a Dragon 2, then maybe, but still, probably not. I hope we can get instructions for this, because it is so so awesome.

Chance of production: 44%

#13 – Ruined House

Like all these ideas, this is amazing. But can you see yourself walking home with a “Ruined House” set in your yellow Lego bag? I can’t exactly.

Chance of production: 47%

#12 – Bricks & Blooms

I could so see this in my modular collection, but as a Creator set, not Ideas.

Chance of production: 47.5%

#11 – Knight Rider – KITT

This model is super cool, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t see this so much as a set, being that (hint) there is a higher pick on my list, and, this is similar to the James Bond Aston Martin.

Chance of production: 50%

#10 – Tesla Cybertruck

I absolutely love this model, and I think it has more than a 50% chance of production, so it might be on shelves. The thing is, like the New Glenn, the Cybertruck isn’t fully there yet.

Chance of production: 58%

#9 – Coraline’s Pink Palace Apartments

Now, I have never heard of this IP, but what I can tell you, is that this set is so happy and bright, I would buy it anyways.

Chance of production: 61%

#8 – Retro Bowling Alley

This model is a masterpiece, between the outside, Minifigures, and the interior, it would make a great set, but like the Bricks and Blooms, it looks like it belongs in the Creator line.

Chance of production: 63%

#7 – Working Waterfall – with Continuous Flowing Water!

I think this idea is great. But the fact is, besides for the Grand Piano, Lego doesn’t *really* like models that need functions… it’s a fact. So, while I would definitely buy this, I doubt it will make it to shelves, because of the mechanics involved. But then again, Lego might surprise is ;).

Chance of production: 64%

#6 – The Castle in the Forest

The detail on this model is absolutely insane. I supported this model on the first day… I could definitely see this being Lego’s no-IP approve.

Chance of production: 68%

#5 – UCS Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is very famous, and would make a great display piece. The colors, mixed with the chrome, are fantastic, and I would definitely buy it.

Chance of production: 70%

#4 – Mary Poppins, Cherry Tree Lane


Perfectly designed, perfectly timed, and perfectly built. This would make an awesome set.

Chance of production: 75%


My top 3 picks are:

This model, of the NASA Project Gemini, would make an AMAZING set, for space fans, and the not. Since Lego already has a license with NASA, it is go for me, and hopefully, Lego too.

Chance of production: 86%

This Earth Globe is designed with a master-builder’s expertise, and I could totally image picking this up in store. Lego usually likes one set without an IP, and this is it.

Chance of production: 87%

This has been a long time coming, in my opinion. Sonic fans, game fans, and Lego fans will love to get their hands on this idea.

Chance of production: 92%

Vote for which one you think will be on shelves!

Which do you think will be on shelves?
Project Gemini Minifigure Scale
Earth Globe
Sonic – Green Hill Zone
Mary Poppins, Cherry Tree Lane
UCS Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Castle in the Forest
Working Waterfall – with Continuous Flowing Water!
Retro Bowling Alley
Coraline’s Pink Palace Apartments
Tesla Cybertruck
Knight Rider – KITT
Bricks & Blooms
Ruined House
SpaceX Falcon 9 (Saturn V Scale)
The Train Station: Studgate
The Great Fishing Boat
The Legend of Zelda BotW: Hyrule Castle
Historically Accurate Rome
Queen – The Miracle Express
The Iron Giant – 20th Anniversary Edition
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Futurama Planet Express Headquarter, Spaceship and the Crew
Blue Origin New Glenn Rocket, Launch Tower & Blue Moon Lander – 1/110 Scale Set
Spongebob Squarepants – The Krusty Krab
Untitled Goose Game