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Ranking Digital Building Platforms

We all know, that you can’t have EVERY Lego piece ever created, which means, you can’t build everything in real life.. So what do you turn to? Digital building. The community is so big for digital building, that there are plenty of different platforms for you to use when you are creating your dream build. And I’m going to rank them for you!


In my opinion, LDraw is a bit outdated, like our #3 choice. A plus about LDraw is, that there are TONS of pieces, including fan-created ones. So if you are looking to build something exotic or solely for fun, LDraw is a great choice.

Note: Requires Download

#3 Lego Digital Designer

This is Lego’s official digital builder, and it is used by Master Builders around the world. I personally think it is the easiest to navigate, but the colors are a little off, and it doesn’t get updated often. There is no on-app rending too, and before by Bricklink (see next), it was extremely difficult to render a project.

#2 studio

Now, it was realllllyyyy close between our #1 and our #2. is Bricklink’s (now owned by Lego itsef) official digital builder. has an amazing rendering, animation, and instruction building platform. If you were to download an app, is a for sure go-to.


Every time I visit Mecabricks, I am always wowed at how much there is to offer on the site. There is a sharing platform that takes your work straight from the workshop to where other people can see and comment on it, an AWESOME high-tech rendering feature, and a relatively new animations program. You can also download your file with the Blender Add-On, and render your work in Blender, if the site wasn’t enough. And, it works from a website, so you can work on an iPad, and a computer.

Note: You need an account to use the workshop.

I just want to say at the end of this, I do not mean to offend anybody with these ranking; I am simply ranking my choices.

3 thoughts on “Ranking Digital Building Platforms

  1. I’ve used 3 of the 4, seems pretty accurate

  2. Never really tried mecabricks before, I’ll give it a go. Awesome that it works on a browser.

  3. Great article, Mecabricks is my favorite site!

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